Dispatch Biggest Loser

downloadWhen I started as a dispatcher 2 years ago I heard an astounding number of people tell me “don’t get fat” and at that time I didn’t understand why (I mean I heard it from officers, other dispatchers, and even friends and family…it was everywhere). I had no clue the toll it would take on my body to work such long and strange hours all while sitting on my butt for the majority of the time.

Now I wouldn’t say dispatching has made me fat (…yet), but after just a couple short years the change is showing in my body. So I thought it was time to do something about it and decided to try a “Biggest Loser” competition at my center. We are at the end of our first of four weeks and my coworkers are loving it! Everyone is so motivated and encouraged to keep trying harder.

Me? Not so much. The week started rough for me, I had an emotional weekend with some boy baggage coming back up again as soon as I thought it was on its way out (stick around or go away, stop with the back and forth already.) I was in no mood to be dieting and craving every kind of junk food I could think of. I’ve been doing better as the week has progressed but still not fully dedicated. I don’t think I have any chance of winning this week but I’m determined to do better for the rest of them.

I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂



Planner Sticker Haul!

Today I have a small planner sticker haul to share from PopFizzPaper on Etsy.  Here’s a link if anyone is interested in getting some stickers for themselves, etsy.com/shop/PopFizzPaper. I was so excited to get my “OOPS Grab bag” so quickly and thought it was perfect timing to share as my first post.  I love to purchase misfit grab bags from sellers because they are such a great deal.IMG_0959[1]This is my second order from PopFizzPaper and both orders have been amazing and the sticker quality is great. Here’s a few pictures of what I got in my grab bag.IMG_0960[1]

I got these stickers that are perfect for fall and will go great in my November monthly spread I’ve been planning.

These bill due stickers came just in time for my last Halloween spread! I think the colors will match very well with the rest of the spread I have planned.


Another reason that I like to purchase grab bags is that you get stickers that you might not normally pick out for yourself. These Paris themed ones are beautiful and will be a great addition to an extra girly week.

The volunteer stickers I received inspire me to go out and find something to do where I can help others. Its been so long since I’ve volunteered at anything and I didn’t realize it until I received these. Its time to change that!

PicMonkey CollageAnd last but not least…who doesn’t love headers. I don’t know about you but I hate when my headers don’t match the rest of my spread so I’m starting to have quite the collection of stickers to use to cover them
PicMonkey Collage1It won’t be long until my next order. I love everything I got and I can’t wait to start using them….maybe later today 😉 Thanks for reading! Feedback would be amazing, I’m new at this and still figuring everything out.



The Start

At 25 years old, a beautiful young woman, with a blossoming career as a 911 dispatcher I found myself lonely and wondering why things in my life haven’t worked out the way I had always expected them to.  Why isn’t everything falling into place?  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there something wrong with ME?!?

I wanted a relationship, a family, a house, the whole shabang; but i didn’t know how to get it.  It got me thinking… maybe it is me.  Maybe what’s wrong is that I’ve never taken the time to find and understand myself so that I can go out into the world and bring these new and exciting things to me. Maybe its time to start focusing on myself.  That led me here.

I want this blog to be an outlet where I can learn and grow and hopefully bring some of you along on the ride with me. I want to share stories of the good, bad and otherwise that happen at work, my thoughts on make up and hair, my planner and the way I use it, along with probably about a million other things.  I want this to be a sort of journal for me where I can express myself and share my insecurities on my road to finding the happiness I’ve always dreamed of and maybe help someone going through the same things.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be some big sob story.

Sincerely, Samantha 🙂